Monday, October 31, 2011

My little pumpkin

Super excited to have gotten this adorable picture today of my little guy (on the left) with one of his little friends at the orphanage looking out the window. A sweet lady who was on my co-workers medical mission team to Ethiopia last week stayed longer and went back for a visit to the orphanage by herself and caught this adorable moment! Thanks Cherie! I love it! And because you can't see either one of their faces, I can post it online too! Yay!
I cannot wait to get this little man home! I just wanna scoop him up in my arms and cover him in kisses and tell him I'm his momma FOREVER!
Praying the orphanage gets his paperwork together asap and things move as quickly as they can. I got a receipt in the mail today from my I600 A petition for his US immigration. They'll be sending me an appointment for fingerprinting in the mail very soon. Woo hoo! One step closer.

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