Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tantrum City

Well, I was just recently reading back some of my blog posts about how happy I was that we were past that initial hard season and everything was so happy and fun now. I am still a relatively new momma - 2 years in - and I am learning that you're never really over the hard seasons. You get through one and enter another and if you have a few months in between, you're extremely lucky:) We just had a few months of awesome and now we are right back in the hard. The tantrum screaming crying about everything season. I don't know if it's winter or what. But he's not listening, he's being sassy and disrespectful and every single thing I ask him to do - he will argue or throw a fit about. It is wearing me down, I tell ya. Big time. And sometimes I'm super calm and patient in those moments and other times I am not. Parenting is hard stuff.

LOVE our Ethiopian family

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