Saturday, October 29, 2011

Getting the ole band back together for a cause

Today was the first Third Season band practice in over 6 years and it went really well. It was almost surreal playing our old songs and being back together practicing. It was so fun and it really came together well. I feel so incredibly thankful and blessed that all 4 of these guys were willing to do this show with me. The lineup is just slightly different than it was on our 10 song cd - Dana Hester is playing lead guitar at the show. He was in Third Season after Robin & Keith left and he played bass. This time around, he's playing lead. Robin is playing rhythm guitar, Keith is on bass and Rodney is on drums. I'm on lead vocals. We're playing 6 songs off of our 2004 CD tittled "Different State of Mind". And I still have a bunch of those CD's left so they will be available for only $5 at my adoption fundraiser concert on November 12th! Phil Keaggy played lead guitar on two of the tracks on the CD too! And I'm thrilled that Phil is available and lending his amazing talents to the show on the 12th too!!!! Several other talented friends are playing too including Brad McKelvey, Kelsie Cameron and Jessica Dawn. It is going to be a great show!!! I hope lots of people can be there. All proceeds go toward my adoption.

There's a $10,000 chunk due as soon as I receive the official referral on my boy so that's the main reason for fundraising like crazy right now. I now have official notarized copies of my home study so I am going to apply for grants within the next few weeks too. The Lord has been providing in so many ways so I have no doubt he will continue to do so. I am so thankful and daily blown away by His provision and the support of so many amazing people. Thank you to everyone who has been buying stuff from my blog store and donating and for all the encouragement. I don't think I can ever fully express how thankful I am.

I cannot wait to get my little boy home. Praying the Lord will move heaven and earth to get this adoption through as soon as possible. Every day is a day I miss with him and I'm ready to have him here with his momma! 

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