Saturday, May 9, 2015

Making the big move!

Gosh, I just hopped over here and realized I haven't posted anything since our big snow storm. Lots has happened since then. Biggest thing is - we're moving to Florida in 2 weeks. Time has flown by, things have fallen into place and we are super excited. And also sad too cause we will miss our friends here in TN so much. Here's a timeline of how quickly things have come together for this move, although I have been praying about it for quite some time.

In Feb, the VO Board of directors approved my request to relocate to Sarasota, FL and keep my same job. Since I work from home remotely anyway and we already have staff in several states, wasn't much of a change as far as the job goes and they approved the request.

Later in Feb, Mihretu got into a Montessori Charter school in Sarasota which was a huge praise! He's in Montessori private school now and has been since he first came home from Ethiopia so the idea of keeping him in the Montessori environment has always been top choice for me. To get into a public/charter school is a huge praise cause hello - public school is free!!!! And as a bonus - this school goes all the way through high school which I've never even heard of in TN. So excited he got in.

Eary March - our house went under contract. It sold without even putting it on the market. We closed on it 2 weeks ago and are renting it back until we move. A family from church with 3 adopted kids are buying it. How awesome is that?

Mid March - We flew to FL over Mihretu's spring break and spent 3 full days house hunting. We saw like 20 houses and boy was that stressful. But we found one that we love and it's only 7 miles from M's school and it has a pool. Woo hoo! We are excited about that! We close on that in a week through the mail and then will be able to get right in when we drive down May 24th. Woo hoo. Here's a photo of the pool which is our fav part!

Mihretu is enrolled in a YMCA summer camp for the summer which is exciting. I know he will have a ball. It even has a waterpark. That boy loves water so I'm pretty sure he's going to transition to life in FL quite well.

So excited to be close to my friend Deb and my step-grandma and some other friends who are like extended family, as well as some new friends I've connected with who are past VO team members who live in that area. Also have already gotten connected with quite a few adoptive families with Ethiopian kiddos. There's even a ministry there that has a moms night out once a month just for adoptive and foster moms. How awesome is that?

I'm feeling a little under the weather right now with allergies in full force and my sinuses feeling quite unpleasant but I've still got a lot to do so I press on. Would appreciate prayers just for this to pass quickly so I can get back to full speed ahead on packing and preparing everything to get moved.

Will update again soon once we get down there. Sarasota, here we come!!!

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