Thursday, January 26, 2012

I have a dream

That someday soon I'll get a phone call from my adoption agency telling me my little guy's paperwork is finished and we can move forward to the next step and a court date. That I'll pass court the first time and be able to go back for my Embassy date and gotcha day shortly after and bring home my son.

Last night I dreamed that he was home - my best friend Stacey was with me in the dream and we were at a playground and he was laughing and talking and smiling bigger than I've yet to see him smile when I saw him in person or when any of my friends who've gone since have seen him. And he would run back over to me every few minutes from playing and just give me a big hug. In the dream, my friend commented on how amazed she was that he was already so attached to me after only a week.

I know I dreamed about him once before and I was there in Ethiopia with him but I think this was the first time I dreamed of him here. I woke up smiling thinking about it and praying God would make it a reality soon. I trust the Lord. I trust His timing. And I trust that He loves this little boy even more than I do and wants him home with his momma. Praying for breakthrough and favor in all of it. And praising God for bringing me to Ethiopia last July so that I was able to meet that sweet little snugglebug who melted in my arms and stole my heart.

I have a dream he'll be home soon. And I'm praying the Lord moves heaven and earth to make that dream come true. Believing He will. He's bigger than all of it!!!

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