Wednesday, July 24, 2013

VO Promo Video

I'm excited to share the new promo video for Visiting Orphans on my blog. As most of you know, Visiting Orphans is the non-profit mission sending agency I work for. We send Christ-followers on short-term mission trips to 12 countries around the world to GO BE LOVE to precious children and communities. We've made a lot of changes recently and we want to share these changes and an overview of our ministry with the world. We are so excited to share this video. We have 29 bloggers signed on to promote the video at the same time on their blogs. We truly hope this video gives people a clear look inside the ministry of VO. If you or someone you know is thinking and praying about going on a life-changing mission trip, check out our website. We send about 50 teams a year. Here's the link to our calendar online.

LOVE our Ethiopian family

We just returned from Ethiopia and oh boy - my heart is completely wrecked. Mihretu and I traveled on our own last March (2018) over his ...