Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sun Stand Still Prayers

I just read a great book called Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick and now I'm reading The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. I think it no coincidence that both books are about the power of our prayers. I think too often we underestimate them. And by we, I mean me. Too often I have prayed a few times and then stopped praying because I figured God already knows my prayers and honestly, I get bored of hearing myself pray them over and over.
But when you're in a situation where you are totally not in control (like adoption, for example) and you don't know what more you can do to make it go any faster, all you can do is pray. When it's not just about you - it's about a little boy sitting way longer than he should be, in an orphanage when he could have a momma and a forever home, all you can do is pray. When there are delays and you don't understand, you pray. I've gotten to that place and in that place, I'm realizing that should have been the first place I started. Don't get me wrong - I have been praying about this all along. I was praying about this adoption long before I knew when I would do it and long before I knew a specific little boy that I was fighting for. I've been praying. But not Sun Stand Still prayers like I've been on my face praying lately. These are the desperate "Lord move those mountains, I need you to do it, I can do nothing" prayers. They are the sobbing barely can hear my words but I know God knows what they are prayers.
I know He hears me. I know it's not His will for that little boy to be stuck in an orphanage. I know I'm called to adopt. And I know God opened the door for me to pursue this adoption with this little boy. I've seen Him providing. I've seen Him putting people in place to watch over and care for M in the meantime. I know God's heart is for adoption. And when you know who God is and what His will is - then you can stand confidently in battle and war on behalf of your child and this adoption and pray boldy for all mountains to be moved to bring him home.

I am praying Sun Stand Still prayers. And I am believing God will answer them. I'm believing I'll have my son home soon. And I'm so excited to see him and hold him in my arms in less than 30 days when I get to see him for the first time in a year!! I'm coming buddy. I'm coming. And pretty soon, I'll be coming to get you and bring you home with your forever momma!!!!!

Sun Stand Still prayers... because God is bigger and He's got this. There's a war going on and I'm on the winning team so I'm going to battle for this child in prayer. And I wait in eager anticipation when I too can sometime say "I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him." 1 Samuel 1:27

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