Saturday, November 12, 2011

Today is the Day!!!

I am SO excited for the adoption fundraiser concert tonight!!!! So many friends are helping and coming and amazing artists are performing and I get to reunite and perform with my old band. It's just all so exciting. And one of my team members from the Uganda/Ethiopia July trip that I was leading when I met my little boy came into town last night for the weekend to attend the concert. She printed and framed the cutest picture of me holding my little guy in those first 5 minutes that they handed him to me and he just snuggled right up in my arms. So precious to have a sweet moment like that captured into a photo. I will cherish it forever!

I am excited to see who all is able to attend tonight! Would love to have as many people there as possible. It's going to be so fun!!!!!

6pm at Belmont Church Sozo building
Phil Keaggy is performing early so be there right at 6 so you don't miss him!!!!
Other performances include:
Brad McKelvey
Jessica Dawn
Third Season
Kelsie Cameron and band

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