Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snowpocalypse 2015

Well, we got a big ole ice storm two nights ago and have been snowed in since. I'm working as much as I can (I work from home anyway) while trying to keep little man entertained. We've had some fun outside in what looks like a scene out of the movie Frozen! We went sledding yesterday with our neighbors who let us use their sled. Today we went sledding with a laundry basket - well, Mihretu did. I just watched and cheered him on. We also took a walk and he rode down some little hills in his red and yellow car. And then we got cold and tired so we came inside and warmed up! We've played a lot of rounds of Uno, Sequence and a number of other games, including Mario Kart on the Wii. We've watched a lot of movies. It's funny, I had no idea last Friday when I bought 8 movies from McKays used bookstore how very much those new movies would be needed during snowpocalypse 2015:)
I'm also very glad we just went grocery shopping Saturday. Although I really wish I had gotten some chocolate cause I'm craving that! and I could really go for a burger or some taco's. ha ha Joking (but not joking) Funny how everything sounds good when you know you can't get out to go get anything. I'm certainly not willing to venture out in a road that is covered in ice to get food when we have plenty of food here.
Here's hoping it warms up soon so this will melt. But looking at the weather forecast, it sure doesn't look promising.

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