Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fingerprinting and update

I have my fingerprinting appointment tomorrow. YAY - I'll be one step closer in this adoption process. My dossier is almost complete as well and I plan to send that off next week. Praying, praying, praying that my little guys paperwork gets completed soon so I can get the official referral and move towards the next really exciting thing: court date and then the most exciting thing of all: embassy date and bringing him home! Please keep praying for favor for this whole process. Your prayers are so appreciated and needed. This is a lengthy process and any number of things can cause delays. As you can imagine, I just want to get my little boy home and begin life together. Days, weeks and months are already flying by and I'm missing so much time with him. I know this is part of the adoption process but I do believe the prayers of God's people carry weight. So please, please, please keep praying for things to keep moving along and doors to keep opening, finances to keep coming as payments become due along the way and ultimately for me to have my son home as soon as possible. Thank you so much!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Check out the Pendants/Paintings page to see the newest addition to the blog store - me and my dear friend Merrill Durham created original pendant designs. You can get yours today for only $15. We can also custom make something for you as a pendant if you'd like. Email me at: if you want to custom order. Otherwise, check out the super cute pendant designs we've done. They make great Christmas gifts and your purchase helps support my adoption.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Third Season reunited

In case you missed the show - here's a clip of my old band, Third Season, during our performance at the Love BIG adoption fundraiser concert on 11/12/11.

If you'd like to have a Third Season CD with 10 original songs on it, I'll send you two for $10. Email me at: and include your paypal address and I'll send you the invoice and ship it out asap.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

An amazing night

The adoption fundraiser concert was amazing! I was so blessed by how many people attended as well as so many people lending their talents and time to help make it possible. I'm blown away! Thank you to Phil Keaggy, Brad McKelvey, Kelise Cameron & band, Jessica Dawn and Andrew K, and all my bandmates who joined me on the stage - Robin & Keith Mawdsley, Dana Hester and Rodney Hull (thanks Rodney for the idea to get the band back together for this). It was so much fun!!!! What a night!!! Thank you to Belmont Church for allowing us to use their amazing Sozo building facilities. Thanks to Matt Mendians for doing sound. Thanks to all my amazing friends who came early, stayed late, helped in so many ways!!!!

The concert raised a total of $1767 toward my adoption. You know what that means??? I just surpassed the $15K raised so far mark which means I'm more than half way there!!! I am so thankful. Every person who has donated has helped me get that much closer to bringing my sweet little boy home. A million times THANK YOU!!!!

Today is the Day!!!

I am SO excited for the adoption fundraiser concert tonight!!!! So many friends are helping and coming and amazing artists are performing and I get to reunite and perform with my old band. It's just all so exciting. And one of my team members from the Uganda/Ethiopia July trip that I was leading when I met my little boy came into town last night for the weekend to attend the concert. She printed and framed the cutest picture of me holding my little guy in those first 5 minutes that they handed him to me and he just snuggled right up in my arms. So precious to have a sweet moment like that captured into a photo. I will cherish it forever!

I am excited to see who all is able to attend tonight! Would love to have as many people there as possible. It's going to be so fun!!!!!

6pm at Belmont Church Sozo building
Phil Keaggy is performing early so be there right at 6 so you don't miss him!!!!
Other performances include:
Brad McKelvey
Jessica Dawn
Third Season
Kelsie Cameron and band


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