Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today a baby was born - Jordan Robert Lawrence, son of Simon & Amanda Lawrence. Amanda is Visiting Orphans Executive Director. All of our staff that were in the office today went and met baby Jordan. He is so cute!!! So very excited for the proud parents and so thankful for a smooth delivery and healthy baby and momma. Answered prayers! I've known Amanda for a long time and I know how deep the desire in her heart has been for years and years to be a momma. I loved getting to see her every weekday during her pregnancy and getting to visit the day little Jordan was born. Such a miracle of life! Such an amazing God we serve. He is faithful and I love watching Him fulfill the desires of the hearts of my dear friends. It is yet another reminder to me that God keeps His promises and He does fulfill those desires that He put there in the first place.

Childbirth is such a miracle. I once witnessed it when my cousin Heather gave birth. If I hadn't already believed there was a God, I certainly would have after that experience. Today, I'm reminded of what a miracle it is and my thoughts and prayers turn to my little boys birth mom. She has been on my heart so much lately. I'm thankful to her for carrying him in her tummy and giving birth to him and making an adoption plan for him. I can only imagine how hard that must have been. I don't know her, I don't know all her circumstances but I can only imagine that she must love him, must want him to be loved and well cared for. I wonder if I'll ever get to meet her. If I do, I want to thank her for bringing this sweet life into the world and I want to tell her how much God loves her. I hope she knows that - wherever she is, whatever she's doing, wherever she goes - I hope if she doesn't already know that she will soon be fully aware of God's love for her.

If I never give birth to a child, I'm ok with that. I'll still be a mom and that's what matters. But I do wish I could've been there to welcome him into the world, to know what he looked like when he was born, to hold him in those first hours and days. I don't know any of that and it's likely that I never will. But what I do know is that I'm gonna love him and hold him as much as I can when I do get him home. I can't get those moments back but I can make all the ones to come filled with the most love possible. I just pray that I get him home as soon as possible. I'm sad that I've missed so much already but how much I will cherish every moment once he's here. I cannot wait to be his forever momma!

My co-worker Kathleen spent the day with him today. It made me happy to know that he was being loved on and that today he received the gifts I sent for him - a kid proof photo album and a soft baby blanket. It also kind of made me sad that I wasn't there too. Trusting God in the timing and praying for favor at every door. So glad to know my little snuggle bug is safe and got loved on by a sweet friend today. And as soon as she gets back, I will have lots of new and I'm sure, super cute pictures!!!

We welcomed baby Jordan into the world today. I can't wait to welcome my little boy home. Nothing is impossible with God!


  1. :) awww, i love you autumn! your son is so very blessed, even before he comes home to you, his forever mommy, he is so blessed to have you praying for him and moving mountains to get him home! i would imagine what you are going through right now, makes our Father's love for us come to be all the more astounding? :)

  2. This is a beautiful post, Autumn! I am glad that we have met. I look forward to knowing more about you, your life as a mom and this wonderful little boy you love.


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