Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Ah, tomorrow is Mother's Day and I'm sitting here while my precious boy is napping thinking about how grateful I am to be his mom. And how thankful I am for all that God is doing in our lives!

I wanted to be a mom since I can remember. All through middle and high school, I was sure I would get married and become a mom in my 20's. Never did I dream that I would still be single at the age of 38 and that I'd have decided to adopt as a single in my mid 30's. I didn't plan this but oh I am so thankful that this is the life I have. It's not that I don't want to be married because I would love to be married to an amazing Godly man someday. But I just haven't met him yet and that's ok. My life is not any less rich because I'm single. I love this life and this adventure God has me on. It's been hard and at times disappointing. But here and now - in this place - as this little boy's mom and on this side of the adoption and all the joys we are getting to experience together now - there is not one thing I would change. Not one. All roads led me here. All roads led me to that 2011 trip to Ethiopia where I picked up a little boy who felt like home to me. All roads led to the past junk that becoming a parent stirred up and though it was ugly and painful, it revealed places that still needed to be healed in me. And so I have had an opportunity to get some much needed long overdue healing. All roads led to God healing those places I didn't know were there. And to my healing ultimately helping me to help my son in his own places of hurt and pain and healing. God wastes nothing. He uses all our junk, all our pain, all our dark moments and difficult seasons - for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. He's using all my junk. He'll use all yours - if you let him. And for me, I know there's still more to deal with. But the reason that no longer makes me feel awful about myself is because it makes me instead feel wonderful about who God is - the God who is my redeemer, my healer and my provider. It's exciting to me to think of what He has in store for me and Mihretu. And I can only imagine what that looks like. Mihretu is the most amazing kid on the face of this earth. I am the most blessed momma to get to call him my son. He's just great. God surely has big amazing plans for this little guy. He has such a great personality, such a mercy gifting, such a silly sense of humor and he's so smart. He is doing so well and I couldn't be more proud of him.

This Mother's Day, I am especially thankful to be a mom. Especially a mom to this awesome little boy named Mihretu. My joy overflows! Thank you Jesus.

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