Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our new additions

Meet the newest members of our family - Elsa and Buddy! First we got Elsa who looks an awful lot like the dog we had prior. Then we said we'd foster her brother and couldn't give him back - especially after we saw how sweet he was with Mihretu. Mihretu picked his name and it's so perfect - Buddy! So we have not one but two puppies now. It's mass chaos over here but would could resist these sweet faces. I'm cleaning carpets multiple times a day when they pee in the house moments after coming in from outside but sometimes they ring the bell on the back door to go out and that's a huge victory and we praise them often. They haven't pooped in the house in awhile so that's a huge praise. They know how to sit now and Elsa knows "lay down" too. Buddy just looks confused at that one and starts jumping for the treat. We're working on "shake" which would work better if I worked with each puppy separately. They have lots of fun playing together and get quite rough with each other sometimes. Mihretu loves them both but he especially loves Buddy. Here's a few photos from our first few weeks together. We had a professional photo shoot yesterday and that was total chaos. We did a few shots with the puppies in our backyard and I pretty much had to pick them both up to get them to stay put - and that wasn't as easy as it sounds cause they aren't light - especially with one in each arm. I think we got a couple good shots. Then we left them home and went and took some shots elsewhere of Mihretu and I. That was chaos too cause Mihretu was so distracted by rocks and sticks and climbing and "ooh, we're on a train track - never done that before" and nervousness about a train possibly coming while we were on there. I'm sure our friend who is amazing at what she does got some good shots anyway but it wasn't the fun photo shoot I had pictured in my mind prior to the event. Ah, it's our new normal over here - a little bit wild but a whole lot of love! 

LOVE our Ethiopian family

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