Saturday, August 6, 2011

Overwhelmed with Love

I found out today that things are moving forward and a contract was signed between my agency and the orphanage on behalf of that special little boy I feel in love with. Provided I pass the home study and all finances come through, etc - it looks very likely that I will get to be that sweet little 2 year old boys mommy. I am beyond excited. I am in complete and total awe of the Lord opening wide the doors to make this happen. I prayed that He would close doors if it wasn't His will and open them if it was. You can't get any more open than this!!!! I'd say I have the green light thus far from the Lord!!! And it is moving fast!!! I am truly in awe of His timing and His provision. He loves that little boy so much and I know He'll move heaven and earth to get him home if home with me as his momma is where God has for him to be. It's so amazing to watch the Lord work all things together. When it involves something as complex and as expensive as this - it's the perfect opportunity for God to be glorified because there's no way we can take credit for any of it. I've cried probably 5 times today - the response from everyone in regards to this adoption - has been amazing. I cannot express how blessed I feel. I have some seriously amazing people in my life. This little boy is already so loved! And I am so excited that there will be a visual representation in his room (The Tree of Love) as a reminder everyday of all the amazing, generous people who helped to bring him home. People have donated that I have never even met. Friends have not only donated but been such an encouragement! So many prayers have gone up. So many kind words, people posting my blog/donate link on their facebook, people spreading the word, helping me come up with fundraising ideas and so much more!!! And this is only week 1. Wow - I'm just blown away. In less than a week, people have donated $1920! Truly amazing. I am believing God for the rest of the $5180 I still need to turn in right away. Thank you for all the prayers, for all the encouragement and all the generosity. I don't think you'll ever fully know just exactly how much it means to me!!!


  1. I'm praying for you along with many others! I hope one day to have my own adoption experience, but for now God is saying wait patiently. I am so encouraged to see the doors opened for you at exactly the right time...God's time. Congrats on reaching your first goal. The second one will be reached as well (again, in God's time).

    I saw the post about the I-pad giveaway but cannot open the link. Will it be re-posted?

  2. Autumn, congratulations on this adventure. You're going to be a great mom!

  3. iPad giveaway has been extended and changed to $25 donations or online purchases to get into the drawing. Simply Love tshirts and coffee mug design coming later this week too and will be part of the drawing. Stay tuned!


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