Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lots of Fundraising Options

I just spent like 5 hours adding two new pages to the blog - International Store and Paintings. I'm selling items to raise money for adoption. I paint so all the paintings you see were done by me. The rest of the stuff I've bought around the world on all my mission trips. This past trip to Uganda & Ethiopia - I ended up with way more than I intended to buy and I'm kind of glad now cause it'll help toward bringing a little one home! Moving right along in the process. Found a new adoption agency who is willing to work with me and they are already researching that little boy for me. I should know soon whether I can adopt him. I'm hopeful. So thankful for so many people who donated in the past few days and have gotten me close to my first goal of $900 which is half of the cost of the home study and is due up front to get it started. I'm planning to get started this coming week. More fundraising coming soon - ideas are churning in my head for a concert and I'll be adding Simply Love t-shirts and merch to the site hopefully next week. In the meantime, check out the International Store and the Paintings pages!

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