Tuesday, August 2, 2011

And so it begins...

Found out today that the adoption agency that used to work with the orphanage I visited in Africa will no longer be working with that orphanage or at least that's what they told me today. Also found out that a past team member is using a different agency to adopt from there so all hope is not lost. It's good to be figuring this out ahead of time because the home study may be slightly different depending on the agency so hopefully I'll know soon. Please keep praying - I'm super hopeful about this boy! I'm open to what God has but I really pray I get to be this little boy's momma.

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  1. Autumn,

    Would you mind e-mailing me? I don't see your contact information on here. I'd love to chat with you about "that orphanage" ;o).

    thechangemecrew at gmail dot com



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