Thursday, August 25, 2011

3 days left

Sleek. Black. 16 GB. Awesome. Apple. iPad 2.

Yes, it could be yours. In 3 days, I will do the big drawing to see which amazing donor will win. Every single one of you has helped get me one step closer to bringing my little boy home. I have been blown away. Thank you, thank you, a million times - THANK YOU!!!!

My good friend and co-worker Casi Mattox is gonna come over Sunday evening and help me with the drawing. We will capture the moment on video and will post it on facebook and the blog as soon as we are finished. The winner will be contacted shortly thereafter.

If you haven't gotten in on it yet for your chance to win - you can do so by purchasing any Simply Love item or by purchasing another item on my blog store $25 or over or by making any donation $25 or over. You get in the drawing multiple times for every $25 you donate. So if you donated $100, you get 4 entries. And whether you win or not, just know that your donation or purchase goes toward my adoption of a sweet little 2 year old boy in Africa.

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