Saturday, November 12, 2011

An amazing night

The adoption fundraiser concert was amazing! I was so blessed by how many people attended as well as so many people lending their talents and time to help make it possible. I'm blown away! Thank you to Phil Keaggy, Brad McKelvey, Kelise Cameron & band, Jessica Dawn and Andrew K, and all my bandmates who joined me on the stage - Robin & Keith Mawdsley, Dana Hester and Rodney Hull (thanks Rodney for the idea to get the band back together for this). It was so much fun!!!! What a night!!! Thank you to Belmont Church for allowing us to use their amazing Sozo building facilities. Thanks to Matt Mendians for doing sound. Thanks to all my amazing friends who came early, stayed late, helped in so many ways!!!!

The concert raised a total of $1767 toward my adoption. You know what that means??? I just surpassed the $15K raised so far mark which means I'm more than half way there!!! I am so thankful. Every person who has donated has helped me get that much closer to bringing my sweet little boy home. A million times THANK YOU!!!!

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