Tuesday, April 23, 2013

All the Single Ladies... and men too

Sorry, couldn't add this post without quoting that song:)

In all seriousness though, when I was starting the adoption process as a single - I was having a hard time finding blogs about single adoption. Now I'm finding tons of them but for whatever reason - the key words I was typing in on google, just weren't bringing up many results. In case you're having the same problem...

Just came across this blog that actually references my blog on a list of other single foster and adoptive parent blogs - guys and girls. Cool!

Wanted to link to it for anyone who comes here hoping to find such info. Click here for for a list: http://attemptingagape.blogspot.com/2013/03/single-foster-and-adoptive-blogs.html#.UXb5_4W7Bs8


  1. Thank you for posting single blogs!! I am a 43 yr old single lady. I am starting to realize that I will probably never find Mr. Right and my clock in ticking. I am hoping to pay off a few bills and start the adoption/fostering. I love reading adoption blogs and especially those that are about singles. Thanks!!

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