Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Making Mommy Smile

Mihretu made me smile this morning.

The fact that the morning was positive and resulting in lots of smiling is awesome considering he also had a big ole meltdown at the table because he wanted to dump out his water and get cold water and I told him I would do it and he needed to stay at the table and finish his breakfast because I know how long the water filling process takes with my water-loving kiddo. He melted down and took off running into the other room and let out the loudest frustrated scream you can think of from a little person. I stayed calm and didn't react. I just told him right away in a very calm friendly voice that is not how he gets what he wants and he needs to rejoin me for breakfast when he's ready to let it go. It was less than 2 minutes of letting out his frustration and he walked up to me calmly. I said "do you want to sit on my lap and finish breakfast?" and he said yes and climbed right up and ate his breakfast and smiled at me like nothing had just happened. Wow - when I stay calm - these situations really do blow over so much faster. And then we're having a sweet little breakfast moment with him on my lap showing me all the strawberries he's finding in his oatmeal a minute later. YAY!!!!

That makes me happy but the specific things that made my morning were 3 things on the way to school.

1. We turned on the next street over and the house on the corner that had a big nativity scene at Christmas time was being passed. I hear "no Jesus" from the back seat. I turned and looked back to see what he actually said and then I saw he was looking at that house and realized he was commenting that the nativity scene isn't there and therefore there is no Jesus. I just started laughing cause that was 4 months ago and we talked about it not being there in January but haven't brought it up since. But today, he just remembered it had been there and wasn't there now. I just thought that was so cute. And although I'm pretty sure he had no idea what I was talking about, I replied with a very cheesy but true Christian answer "Jesus isn't there but He's always here in our hearts." He just looked confused and started talking about something else. ha ha

2. We were almost to school and about to pass the entrance to Briley Parkway which is one of those on-ramp entrances. On the way from school to swimming lessons, that's the way we take. It's not the way we take any other time. And on the way to school - we've never taken that way nor did I even realize he was paying much attention to our drive. Today as we passed it, he points and says "swimming - that way". Smart little buddy - I was amazed and of course encouraged him that it was indeed the way to swimming and that was such a smart boy to notice that. It amazes me the things he notices.

3. We got to school as many other parents were arriving, including a little girl that LOVES Mihretu and likes to hug him, follow him around and walk in or out of school with him whenever possible. She came running to go in with him. He turned around to give me a hug and then ran in. A few seconds later she ran up to him to walk up the hill with him. I was watching from the van at this point and saw him say something to her and then he handed her his sweatshirt to carry for him. That cracked me up. He talked this little girl into carrying his stuff.

Anyway, he made me smile this morning and I just wanted to share:) 

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