Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fasting & Prayer

I've been fasting and praying but it's been almost 9 months and no movement on my little guys paperwork. My paperwork is done and I've raised about half of the money needed and all of the money that has been due thus far has been paid. Once his paperwork is done, THEN I will get the official referral on him and it's an estimated 6 month time after that. Around 3 months or so before a court date when I travel to Ethiopia and get to see him. Then once you pass court, you return home and wait around another 3 months - give or take - for your embassy date when I can finally go get him and bring him home. Adoption is a long process to say the least. So as you can imagine, I'm really praying for this paperwork to be done and referral to come so we can start moving forward again toward that Gotcha Day. 4 of my coworkers have seen him over the past 7 months which has been so good to get updates and pictures and that he's being loved on - he's getting so big and it seems like forever since I last saw him. It'll be 9 months ago exactly on Monday since the day I met him. I've been fasting and praying but a friend just gave me the idea to see if others would set aside a day to join me in fasting and praying for my adoption. So this is my invitation to anyone who would be willing to do just that! It would be a huge blessing as I know God hears our prayers. He alone can move mountains to bring this little guy home!

The details for those who can join me:

What: Fast and pray

When: Monday, April 23rd - exactly 9 months from the day I first met that sweet little boy that melted in my arms and made himself at home in my heart.

How long: From sun up till dinner time - fast from food (or a partial fast of some sort if you have health restrictions) until dinner time that evening.
Specific things to pray: for breakthrough and movement in the paperwork process, that God would move mountains to get this little boy home, for favor with the courts and all parties involved throughout this whole process, for his health and protection, for me as I wait and prepare to be a mom and for continued provision.

Thank you so much!

With much love,

Facebook Event I created for this;


  1. I will join you in fasting tomorrow Autumn!! (I recently met you at the C4C conference). My heart has been moved for you and this long wait. I would love to pray and fast with you!


    1. It was so great to meet you Naomi! Thanks for fasting and praying with me. I so greatly appreciate it. Blessings to you!


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