Saturday, May 12, 2012

For this child I prayed

The tree in my son's room is almost finished. Names have been added to the leaves and the only thing left is to add any new names between now and the time I get him home. I also need to add something above the painting. Was originally going to have it say "Love Brought Me Home" but am not sure if that will still be the case. Was thinking instead of having it be the scripture from 1 Samuel that says "for this child I prayed". Working on his room has given me something to do to pass the long months of waiting. I can't control the waiting but it at least makes me feel like I'm working toward getting him home when I can work on his room and this painting. 
On Easter, my small group with 2 couples and their combined 6 kids were at my house. The photo below is all the kiddos playing in my little guys room. I'd say it passed the kid friendly test:) 
Can't wait till he's really here. 

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