Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Looking back

It was one year ago today that I got the email. The long-awaited email that said my case was cleared and I could schedule my visa appointment and come get my son! It was exactly 15 months from the day we first met when that email arrived. I wrote this blog post last year - oh the excitement of that day!!! Feels like it was just yesterday in some ways and in other ways, feels like my sweet boy has been home for longer than a year because he's adjusted so well and it just feels impossible that I ever did life without him.

Last week, I got this photo of him which is definitely the youngest photo I've ever seen of him. My friend adopted an older boy from the same orphanage and he found it in his stack of photos - he has no idea who gave it to him or when it's from. I'm so thankful to have it! What a treasure.
My baby boy! Oh how I wish I could have loved him
and kissed him and cared for him back then.

A few months ago a past volunteer at his orphanage sent me these next two ADORABLE photos! I can't even tell you how much it means to have photos of him from the first years before I got to bring him home. 

Pre-haircut - how cute is he?

LOVE this one. And now I know they did have a bathtub at the orphanage.
No wonder he wasn't afraid of baths and loved it so much. I can't get over the cuteness!

And then there was this - one of the most important moments of my life.
The moment I first picked up this sweet, snuggly little boy in an orphanage in Addis Ababa,
Ethiopia. I knew instantly that there was something very special about this moment.
So glad one of my teammates happened to capture it on camera! 

After I met him in July 2011 many of my coworkers visited his orphanage.
This is one of the photos taken by one of my coworkers during those
long months of waiting to get him home. 

A year later, I got to see him again and have court. And then I had to
leave without him - hardest thing I've ever done. Thank the Lord, I got to
come back for him 3.5 months later!
October 28, 2012 - Gotcha Day - the moment I walked into the care center
to pick up my boy knowing this time I didn't have to leave without him.
What a special day. I am beyond thankful!

Oh how I wonder what he was thinking as he looked at me here.
Maybe he remembered our 7 days together 3 months prior. Maybe he was thinking
"who is holding me now?". I don't know but I'm so glad he warmed up so quickly!

He looks so little and yet, this was only a year ago. 

First nap in mommy's care

First dinner together our first night!

First bath in mommy's care in the Ethiopia Guest House sink:)
Oh my cuteness!

Sweet, sweet firsts!

First bedtime together - being our silly selves!

First bedtime story time!
Our first morning together - our Embassy appointment day!

Good ole car rides without child car seats in Addis:) 
Our Embassy day! Waiting on our IAG representative
to take us to our appointment!

November 1, 2012 - Airport welcome home party in Nashville, TN
after a tiring 40 hours of travel time. Mihretu was sound asleep in the Ergo
when we arrived to greet our friends who were waiting for us.  

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  1. Happy one year....well a few days late
    A great pair you are. have so much to smile about



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