Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gotcha Day and a new appreciation for life

Yesterday was our 1 year Gotcha Day and on our way to the pumpkin patch to celebrate with all Mihretu's Aunties from my work (Mihretu had no school because of conferences and we were taking a staff field day with him), we were in a car wreck. Me, Mihretu and my coworker friend Casi were in my minivan. The cars in front of us on our exit ramp stopped quite suddenly and I was talking to Casi telling a story and had turned my head for 2 seconds to look at her and by the time I looked back - the rear end of the car in front of me was literally right there. We slammed into the back of it, the airbags deployed and my van was totalled. I felt ok but was immediately concerned about Mihretu and Casi. Mihretu was crying but when I asked him if he was ok, he shook his head yes. Casi was calm but just said "I think my wrist is broken". I didn't feel anything (although my neck is quite sore today). I didn't even know if I actually got hit by the airbags at all. It all happened so fast. In a matter of seconds, we went from happy conversation to "oh my gosh - are we all ok? That was a hard hit! What do I need to do next?" mode. Talk about surreal. The car in front of me and the lady in front of her were all ok and very nice considering I caused the accident. The fireman came - they were super nice too and gave Mihretu a fireman hat. The police were super nice too. Casi was taken by the EMS to the hospital about 3 miles away. It was a pretty bad break - it will require surgery later this week on her wrist. Please pray for her healing. 

I'm almost 38 years old and I've never been in an accident. Casi hadn't been either. And poor Mihretu - only 4 years old and he's already been in one. He stopped crying right away and assured me he was ok - it just scared him. He wasn't hurt, thank the Lord. I hate that Casi got hurt but man, that could've been SO much worse. If I had my old Cavalier instead of this minivan, we might not be here right now. Just even thinking of what could have been brings me to tears. Life is so very fragile. I am more thankful than ever to have this sweet boy in my care so yesterdays Gotcha Day definitely gave me a whole new appreciation for my son and for life in general. Angels were no doubt watching over us. Thank you Jesus for your hand of protection! 

My minivan is considered a total loss. We hit hard.

Pictures from our Gotcha Day last year - Oct 28, 2012
Photoshoot from August by Rosemary Stanton Woods!

I love these pics in his Ethiopian outfit. My handsome boy!

My favorite picture of us! 

Being silly on the trampoline

My big boy decorating all the October birthday cards!

This little man is indeed going to Change The World as his shirt says:)

I love this one - he's imitating Moses from the Prince of Egypt movie.
He calls this stick his "Moses stick". 

I love his smile!
This was at the hospital yesterday when we went to visit Auntie Casi at the ER. He was such a brave boy and so well behaved all day as it took a long time to get the insurance and rental car stuff figured out and we never did make it to the pumpkin patch:( We are having a big celebration at our house on Saturday morning to celebrate Gotcha Day since our plans yesterday didn't work out. I have a feeling the celebration will be even more meaningful than ever after our ordeal yesterday. 

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