Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our First Christmas Together... in pictures

Our First Christmas Together 
It is hard to believe that Mihretu has only been home 2 months. He is doing so amazingly well. You'd think he'd been here forever. We had a great Christmas!!! So thankful to have him home. He was a great travel buddy and loved meeting the family in Michigan. Here's a recap of our holiday in pictures:)
The Visiting Orphans Christmas Party was at our house. Mihretu gets to be part of the VO family now!!! He gets lots of love from everyone!

Southwest Airlines terminal in the Nashville airport has an awesome play area including Mihretu's very own airplane. Here he is saying "good to go". He's ready to travel with mommy to go meet the family in Michigan.

All dressed up and looking "conjo (handsome)"

Mihretu loved Grandpa! Especially after he took us for a ride in the sled behind the four wheeler. That was pretty cool!

Meeting the cousins and showing them his new boots!

Reunited with Auntie Heather - he loves her!!!

Christmas morning - patiently waiting till it's time to open presents at Aunt Laura's.

Mihretu loved Uncle Jay!! Here they are snuggled up to watch "Elf" (M's favorite movie).

It was a white Christmas in Michigan. Very cold but we did get out and play in it a little bit. Had to bundle up first!!!

Mihretu meets Great Grandma for the first time and gave her a big ole hug. So sweet!!!

Airplane with Uncle Steve. We loved staying with Aunt Laura and Uncle Steve!!!

I have a picture of Aunt Laura holding me just like this when I was that age. I need to find it and scan it in. Mihretu loves Auntie Laura!!!!

Making faces with Nana. Mihretu gave her lots of love too!!! He made everyone feel loved. He had such a ball soaking up all the attention and getting to know his family. He was such a good boy. I am a proud momma.
He even did exceptionally well on our crazy travel schedule to come home which included getting up at 3am, driving 1.5 hours to the airport, turning in the rental car in the freezing cold, shuttling to the airport where they drop you off on a different level than the ticket counters and mommy gets to try to maneuver a stroller with 4 small bags hanging off the handles, Mihretu in it and a big luggage behind us with a very heavy carseat strategically strapped to it. Yeah, that was fun. Thank God some really nice guy helped me. You get to go in, up the elevator to the 4th floor, over an indoor crosswalk above the road below, to another elevator and down to the ticket counter level. I'm not a fan of how non-single-mom-friendly the Detroit airport is!!!! But we survived and M was a trouper. I'm definitely going to have to come up with a better system next time and I certainly won't book the early morning flight again:)


  1. these pictures are so great to see!

    i'm so glad the holidays were a success.

    happy new year!

  2. I still can't believe your "new" at this mommy thing. Just looks so natural on you :o)


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