Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Even more words

Hard to believe in the long list of words I posted the other day that I was missing quite a few.

In regards to the dog, who Mihretu loves... (not sure Auty is convinced yet although they are buddies when Mihretu is giving her food:) he knows how to say:
Lick you - it sounds more like Delagu - it's him basically hearing me say "she'll lick you" and everytime she does - he says that - so cute!
Bite you - this is me trying to tell him to be gentle with Auty cause I don't want her to bite you. I don't think he understands that if she ever does really bite him, it could be really bad. Nevertheless, when I tell him to stop swinging his arms at her or being so loud or not to get near her when she's eating- this is what he says "Auty bite you?"
And the rest of the words I missed the other day:
Careful - he hears this one alot and is now saying it as well
Ugh oh
Yeah - this one is so cute. He'll say "mommy" and I guess I often say "yeah" cause now he's saying it when I ask him something or say his name. Pretty cute.
Eggs - thank God he likes eggs cause it's hard to get any protein into this kid. He's not a big fan of meat and doesn't like bread or sandwiches. Today I put some tiny pieces of chicken in his mac and cheese for lunch:)
Clean up - he knows this one well and is such a good boy at cleaning up his toys
Broken - when something doesn't work, I say this. Now, he's says it too.
Gentle - he hears this one alot - mostly in regards to Auty. Now he's started saying it to me:)
One, two, three - he's learning to count!!!!
Swallow - he thinks it's funny to show me his food in his mouth so I always say "swallow buddy". Now he says it too!
Bunny - he had just learned this word about a week ago and then they brought live baby bunnies into Sunday school this past weekend so he was pretty excited about that!
Teeth - he says this a lot while pointing to his teeth - he loves, loves, loves brushing his teeth. He's been known to wake up in the morning and first word out of his mouth is "teeth". He likes to have good hygiene:)
Belt - he loves wearing a belt. Has become very interested in other people who are wearing belts as well and has recently started surveying who all is wearing one:)
Buckle - he likes to do the buckle in the stroller and carseat himself
Mommy cooking - when I am at the stove or just in general - making food in the kitchen - I've told him "I'm cooking". Now he'll say "mommy cooking?" and it's so cute!

and my very favorite of all which I can't believe I forgot to post the other day:
Baby Jesus - he loves nativity scenes and everytime he sees one in someone's yard - he points and in his adorable voice, shouts out "baby Jesus!!!!"

And prepare yourself for cuteness, here are a few little videos of my boy:

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