Monday, December 5, 2011

All I Want for Christmas

Best Christmas present ever this year would be getting a call from my adoption agency telling me that they have received my little guys paperwork and have his official referral for me. Once that happens, I could have a court date within a few months. That would be a dream come true. Praying, praying, praying. With God all things are possible. I know it takes years sometimes. I promise I'm not being impatient. I just believe prayer is powerful and our God is bigger than all of this. So that's what I want for Christmas - everyone who can to send up some prayers with me for the referral to come.

In the meantime, I just had a merch table at the Christmas Marketplace at my church this past weekend and it was so fun. But on top of being fun, it was just so sweet how many people asked about my adoption and bought stuff to support it and honestly, a handful of people didn't even buy anything - they just handed me a few dollars here and there as a donation. I was blessed by the support and encouraging words. And of course, even though I can't post pictures online, I am always ready to show off pics of my little man in person so the table was decked out with 3 framed pictures of him and a video that I put together for my concert was playing on my laptop on loop. So this was interesting - a friend from church said the other night she dreamed about me and my adoption and in the dream I was stressed out because they found out my little boy has a sister and I was trying to figure out if I would adopt them both or not. The weird thing about her dream is that it could happen. I've known from day 1 that while they are gathering his info, it could turn out he has siblings. This is why I am approved to adopt up to 2 children. So when she said that she dreamed that, I'm gonna be honest - it kind of freaked me out. Could just turn out to be a dream and only a dream. But wouldn't it be weird if it turned out he does have 1 sibling and it's a girl? Of course, I have no way of knowing at the moment but once I get that referral and all his paperwork is together, I'll know then. So we'll see if that dream turns out to mean anything. Financially speaking, I would have to get even more creative but if he has sibling - I will not separate them. I would adopt them both. Thus the reason I applied for up to 2 children - just in case. Now if he has 2 siblings, not sure I even could adopt 3 even if I wanted to. At the moment, I'm only approved for 2. Anyway, that's just a random thing that came up at the marketplace that has been in my brain swirling around all weekend.

I just cannot wait to get my little man home. I'm painting his room the week of Christmas and I got the paint the other day. And my friends are letting me use a crib that converts into a toddler bed for him - they dropped it off at my house yesterday. I'm almost done with my dossier and praying, praying, praying his paperwork is almost done too.

Would love your prayers!


  1. Autumn, Have you considered holding a Both Hands project to raise money for your adoption? Both Hands is a Nashville-based nonprofit with a two-fold mission. We serve widows in a very practical way in our communities, while raising funds to help willing families adopt.
    Visit for more info and to apply.

  2. Aimee,
    I looked at the website but I wasn't sure if Both Hands or Lifesong helped singles adopting?? Sounded like it was for couples. If singles can, I would LOVE to do that!!!!!



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