Sunday, September 14, 2014

This Time of Year

It's been scorching hot in Tennessee for several months. But yesterday and today feel like fall. There's a cool breeze and it's just perfect out. This time of year reminds me of 2 years ago around this time when I was preparing to bring my son home, waiting on the glorious email that said "you've cleared embassy - you may come get your son". It didn't say that exactly but that was what it meant. The email came at 2:17 am on October 23, 2012. It was the best email I've ever gotten with the biggest life-changing news of my life. 

The smells in the air, the cool breeze, even the fact that it's getting dark earlier - it has all just taken on new wonderfulness these past few years. This year, even moreso because of all the junk of my own and Mihretu's that is out of the way and all the joy in our home now. We've both come so far. My healing, his healing. God is good. All the time! 

Mihretu and I have so much fun together. I still mess up and sometimes I have to apologize. He still has his moments and meltdowns. He still pushes my buttons, although I have far less buttons to push than I did 9 months ago thank the Lord! But man, now it feels like we're in a groove. A sense of normalcy. A sense of thriving. Not just surviving. We've gotten to know each other now. I just never thought much in advance about how long it might take to get to know my child - especially when I missed out on the first 3.5 years of his life. This kind of knowing takes time. The more I know him and who God made him to be, the more grateful I am for the fact that I get to be his mom. So grateful. 

Yesterday, it was cool and cloudy and we went on an adventure to Long Hunter State Park. It's not far away at all and yet I had never been there. So we went. We packed a lunch and we went on an adventure. Mihretu loves to say "we're having an adventure mommy". It's so cute. We saw a deer when we parked the car. And then Mihretu saw a playground which he was more excited about. I was more excited about the deer. He played on there for a while and then we found a trail that was only a 1 mile loop. It seemed longer - probably cause we went pretty slow. We didn't see any deer on that trail but we did see a few really cute baby toads - see photo above. And we came across the most beautiful little spot on the lake while on this little trail. There was even a little plastic chair right there by the water. Mihretu said "look mommy - you sit and I'll sit on your lap and we'll snuggle". Who can turn that down? Not this momma! It was perfect. So peaceful. 

After our little 1 mile loop, we hopped in the car and headed back to the playground section. On the way, we saw a whole family of deer. Including several baby deer. I was super excited. Mihretu was only interested for like 2 seconds:) 

Once we got back to the park location with the playground - Mihretu said he wanted to take our blanket down by the lake and have a picnic there. So we did. I packed sandwiches and waters and we had a lovely little picnic by the lake and had this great view:)

We really enjoyed our adventure on this fall like day! So thankful for a fun little adventure partner. 

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