Thursday, October 25, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane

I got word at 2:23 am on Tuesday morning that I was cleared by the Embassy in Addis to go get my son. Later that morning, I heard back about my appointment day - it's scheduled for Monday, October 29th. By Tuesday afternoon, my flight was booked and so was my lodging.

I get on a plane tomorrow. I will be in Ethiopia by Saturday evening.

I will be picking my son up FOREVER on Sunday!!!! THIS Sunday. Holy cow - I don't even think it has fully sunk in yet. Tomorrow morning when I say goodbye to my dog and head to the airport - the reality is that next time I see her in less than a week - I'll be coming home with a new family member. Whoa!!!!

By next Thursday, November 1st - I will be arriving back on US soil with my son in my arms. My friends will be waiting at the airport to welcome us home. Wow! It's really happening.

I believed this day would come. But during all those months of waiting... many months of waiting and no progress being made at all... in those months, it felt like it would never come. But I held onto faith that it would. And now, 15 months later - it's here. It's really here. My life is about to change forever. I'm about to be a mom to the cutest little boy in the whole wide world!!!!

Right now, I am:
  • Thankful. 
  • Overjoyed.
  • Praising Jesus.
  • Counting down the hours.
  • Excited. 
  • Ready.
  • A little nervous.
  • Giddy.
  • Glad I have been preparing.
  • Unsure exactly what to expect.
  • Trusting God will be with me.
  • Ready to wrap Mihretu up in my arms and tell him I'm not leaving.
  • Reminded of all the miracles God worked to get me here. 
  • Thankful for the people who've been on this journey alongside of me. 
  • Praying.
  • Praising. 
  • Smiling. 
  • Thanking God.

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  1. I'm so incredibly overjoyed and excited for you!! I have been following your journey since the beginning and I have teared up many times. Praying for safe travels and a smooth adjustment for you and your little man!



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