Friday, August 31, 2012

More real everyday!

I'm getting more excited every day - if that's even possible! My friends threw me a shower last Sunday - it was so much fun and I was so blessed by everyone who came and all the amazing stuff they showered me with to prepare me for bringing Mihretu home. I am pretty much set with almost everything I need.

The car seat came last night - a gift from my best friend in Michigan. I was so excited - I assembled it and installed it in my car right away. I am now driving around with a car seat! 
It's becoming more real every day. 

I've washed all his 3T clothes since that's the size he's in now. All the 4T and up are hanging up in the guest room closet for when he gets into that size. I've rearranged his room like 10 times, I've hung the paintings I got in Uganda, I've cleared out the kitchen cupboards to make room for sippy cups, plastic plates and bowls and kids utensils. I've moved all cleaning supplies to a top shelf that is unreachable to a toddler, all plug outlets are now covered with those handy dandy protector cover thingys, all his sheets and bedding are washed and I'm picking up any items I still need as well as packing the diaper bag for when I go get him. 

Yup, it's becoming very real. 

And this momma is super excited. 

I can't wait to put on the Ergo carrier that my small group got me and walk through the doors to that airport with my super adorable son strapped to me knowing we are on our way home! It's happening and God gets all the glory. I am SO thankful!!!

Here's some of the recent awesome updates. BTW - all of these steps are happening faster than normal which of course is totally fine by me.

Most Recent Adoption Timeline

  • 8/31/12 Mihretu's passport is here! 1 more step before Embassy - his medical exam next week!
  • 8/28/12 MOWA approval letter received - 1 step closer!
  • 8/25/12 Got a letter in the mail from Show Hope. I am receiving a grant which means I'm pretty much fully funded!!!
  • 8/23/12 Got Mihretu's birth certificate!!! (mailed a check to my agency for $10,000 for the Ethiopia country fee)
  • 8/13/12 The court decree arrives in record time!
  • 8/10/12 After being back in the states since Wed, I get the word that I have officially passed court and I'm legally Mihretu's momma!
  • 8/6/12 The judge agrees and does my parental interview for court while I'm in Ethiopia! (paid $230 for Mihretu's visa while I was there)
  • 8/1/12 See my boy for the first time in a year!!!

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  1. I get goosebumps every time I read an update. I have been following your journey since the beginning and I am so excited for you. I can't wait to read the update of his arrival to his forever home.


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